EFFAS CESG Conference

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fredag 16. september 2022 10:00
fredag 16. september 2022 16:00
Vienna, Austria and Web
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EFFAS CESG Conference

Global sustainability reporting standards, panels on: «The latest trends in ESG» & «Human Capital at the heart of ESG and Intangibles», the (conventional) weapon topic in a changing global geo-strategic and political environment … The values of ESG and its comprehensive applied knowledge are rising values in the financial industry.

The CESG commission of EFFAS is holding its annual conference on September 16th in Vienna from 10 .00 am to 4:00 pm (CET). The event will deal with the following topics:

  • Key discussion. Global Sustainability Reporting Standards, ISSB and EFRAG – The way going forward to converge?
  • The latest trends in ESG
  • Human capital at the heart of ESG and Intangibles
  • CESGA 3.0: Where do we go from here?
  • What is going on in carbon markets?
  • How CFO and Investor Relations jobs have changed with ESG?
  • The (conventional) weapon topic in a changing global geo-strategic and political environment


Attendance online or at the venue: Oesterreichische Nationalbank (Austrian National Bank) Kassensaal, Otto-Wagner-Platz 3, 1090 Vienna, Austria

The EFFAS Commission on ESG issues -CESG- has been instrumental in communicating the needs of investment professionals in capital markets to corporates, in providing practical advice in the form of Key Performance Indicators (EFFAS KPIs for ESG) and interactive data formats, helping to enhance the integration of extra-financials in classic investment methods. CESG’s work on has been acknowledged by the European Corporate Reporting Lab as an inportant cornerstone to Lab’s mission. EFFAS has supported the Lab with conducting focus groups with investment professionals and companies across Europe to deepen its understanding of the needs and requirements of investment professionals around non-financial performance and to test the developing model. Since 2014, the CESG has supported the EFFAS CESGA progamme’s aims to overcome this challenge by providing the necessary training for the efficient valuation, measurement and integration of ESG issues into investment analysis.