In English

Our Purpose:

  • To contribute to public understanding of the function and importance of the capital markets in the Norwegian economy
  • To contribute to the efficient functioning of the capital market within appropriate operating parameters
  • To contribute to the provision of high quality financial analysis and to promote the proper treatment of information from issuers of public securities
  • To contribute to the maintenance of high ethical standards in financial analysis, asset management, advisory services and trading in financial instruments

Ethical Principles for Financial Analysis

  1. Be familiar with the legislation, regulations and rules on ethical behaviour that are relevant to your work – and follow them.
  2. Pay careful attention to your client’s interests.
  3. Check whether you or your employer has a conflict of interest with your client. If in doubt – seek advice
  4. Ensure that confidential information is managed so that it does not fall into the hands of third parties.
  5. Be realistic in your valuations and advice. Never hide the risk factors.
  6. Adjust your advice in response to the recipient’s familiarity with the securities market.
  7. Try to prevent colleagues and partners breaking relevant rules on ethical behaviour and raise any possible breaches with them