EFFAS CESGA Congress – Madrid

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onsdag 03. april 2024 00:00
torsdag 04. april 2024 23:59
01/04/2024 00:00
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EFFAS CESGA Congress – Madrid

Over the past ten years, the CESGA certificate has emerged as the gold standard in ESG training for analysts. By the close of 2023, this certification has been awarded to over 6,000 professionals across 20 countries, evidencing its widespread acceptance and recognition. This achievement highlights not just the individual success of the certificate holders but also the significant role these professionals play in shaping the future of ESG.

This inaugural CESGA congress in Madrid is an opportunity for you to convene, share insights, and learn from each other. The primary focus lies on two central themes: the evolution of ESG practices in the financial sector and the empowerment of CESGA-certified professionals.

The congress aims to delve into the latest developments and trends in sustainable finance over the past year. This includes examining new regulatory frameworks, innovative sustainable investment strategies, and emerging challenges and opportunities in the ESG sector.

The congress will be organized in collaboration with Acciona, making use of their wonderful facilities in Madrid.

EFFAS CESGA Congress – Madrid – EFFAS

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